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Our Mission
& Commitment

The mission of the Village Against Violence is to create a safe, peaceful, and compassionate community by actively addressing and eliminating violence in all its forms. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every individual is respected, valued, and free from the fear of violence. Through education, prevention, intervention, and community engagement, we strive to build a society that embraces non-violence, empathy, and the power of peaceful resolution.


Our commitment is to empower individuals, support victims, rehabilitate offenders, and advocate for policies that promote a culture of non-violence, ultimately transforming our village into a model of harmony and well-being. Together, we are committed to creating lasting change, nurturing a community where violence has no place, and every person can flourish and thrive.

The Village Against Violence works with individuals and organizations who want to give back and strengthen youth and communities by providing a host of giving and sponsorship opportunities to meet different needs.

Our Mission

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