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Our Projects/ Program

Our grassroots projects/programs further expand the initiatives undertaken by the Village Against Violence, targeting mentorship for at-risk youth, conflict resolution skills, restorative justice, gun violence prevention, and civic engagement. Each project aims to empower individuals, strengthen community ties, and create a culture of nonviolence and advocacy within the village.


Street Outreach & Support

Street Outreach and Support- This project focuses on reaching out to vulnerable individuals, such as homeless individuals, at-risk youth, or those struggling with addiction, who may be more susceptible to violence. Trained outreach workers will provide support, resources, and referrals to essential services, including shelters, healthcare providers, and rehabilitation programs. The project aims to connect individuals with the help they need and reduce their exposure to violence.

Community Arts For Peace

This program ito empower youth by providing them with opportunities for artistic expression and creative outlets. It involves organizing workshops, art competitions, and performance events that encourage young people to explore their talents and share their voices through various art forms, such as painting, dance music, poetry, and theater. The project fosters self-confidence, positive self-expression, and a sense of belonging for youth, reducing their vulnerability to violence.

Art Class Girl
Youth Conference

Community Resource and Information Hub

This project involves establishing a community resource and information hub within the village. The hub will serve as a central location where residents can access information, resources, and support services related to violence prevention, counseling, legal aid, and community programs. Trained staff will be available to provide guidance, referrals, and assistance to community members, ensuring they have access to the resources they need to address violence and its underlying causes.

Sports For Peace™

This program utilizes sports as a means to promote peace, teamwork, and conflict resolution among community members. It involves organizing sports tournaments, leagues, and friendly matches that bring together individuals from different backgrounds and age groups. The program will emphasize fair play, respect, and communication, creating an environment that promotes positive relationships and channels energy away from violence.

Youth Basketball Game
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